Do This Everyday To Lose Weight | 2 Weeks Shred Challenge

Today's training is only 13 minutes long and your whole body will be working. You can do this training every day if you need a quick and effective routine, or you can do this as part of my 2 free weeks of intensive programs, which can be found here. This program is completely free. All right, we have 3 sets and each with 7 exercises, 5 to 10 seconds of rest and 15 seconds of rest between sets. Let's start with "Cross mountain climbing."
Tap the knee as close to the opposite elbow and hold the upper part of the body in place. In order to keep the upper part of the body in place to breathe, the buttocks are firm and remember that the upper part of the body is firm. We have 5 short seconds of rest and then we have a "Burpees" next. You can do ordinary  "Burpees " or add push-ups if you want. Be sure to do this safely on a non-slippery surface. And for the weaker impact only slowly and Sporo have a 10-second break and the next exercise is "high knee " Be sure that your upper body is in place and lift your knee at the height of the hips quickly and controlled and remember to breathe. For a weaker impact just lift the knees up without Skonext we have  "inside and out squats ". 

Squat low while holding the buttocks and upper body in place and jump, and Repeat, be Sure to hold your buttocks in place and your back is flat. For a weaker impact, you can do squats without jumping. We've got push-ups with a "climb" next. Start the push-ups and make two rounds with the "Climeshifter" and repeat. If you can't make a push-up you can only work  "climbers " or push-ups on your knees. Whatever suits you more is "jump with skateboarding" is next. It's a very good workout to speed up your pulse. Be sure to make a big leap, but rest assured, it is very important. 

For a weaker impact, you can do this without the Skothe the Last workout for the first set is  "Spider-Man plank ", a very good workout for the abdominal muscles, you will prosper it for the first set. We have a 15-second break or you can take a minute break if you want to start the second set with the  "corkscrew " Start lifting one foot across and tap the shin or knee with the opposite Handball Start slower if you are newer because it might be weird from the first, but it will become easier after the first runza the weaker impact just lift the knee over into the grubbily pose the next we have  "grubbily jacks ".

This is great for your upper body be sure that your buttocks are not too high or too low and for a weaker impact, you can without Jump so if you can't jump just carry on with the front or rear kick this is a very good exercise external and internal Bedrogo the same on the other side. We're almost Ready next we'Ll have a "Heisman " Remember to breathe and we're almost done training. Just one more workout the last exercise is "high knee". 

Take advantage of all remaining energy for the last Practisyou Can do this, and for the weaker impact you can do it the same but without a Skit is training, I hope you Enjoy free do these exercises every morning.

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